Industrial manufacturing Secure your intellectual property

Constant improvements to overtake competitors

At the heart of industrial manufacturing is innovation - to devise new processes and increase efficiency. It is crucial to keep new material secure. Any strategy which lacks security considerations is likely to fail in the long run. Today more and more companies seek to follow a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy so new processes and technologies are necessary to cut waste and emissions. If successful, a brand’s reputation can be improved.

Reaching security and sustainability goals at once

Prevent unauthorized duplication of confidential documents

Intellectual property is the most important resource of any industrial manufacturing company. uniFLOW, with Canon’s iW SAM Express, can capture, audit and archive data and user information for print, copy scan and fax jobs. When a specific keyword is printed, scanned, faxed, copied or sent notification can be automatically directed to a designated administrator to reduce the risk of crucial information going outside the company.

Scan directly to the destination where the document is needed

Although digitalization processes are constantly upgrading there are still a large number of paper based processes. Documents must be captured and integrated into existing workflows. uniFLOW can scan to various destinations e.g. folder, email, desktop, common cloud destinations and any DMS/ECM destination. Scan Workflows follow users to every scanning device within the company.

Avoid unauthorized use of your MFD’s

uniFLOW requires users to identify themselves at a device before using it. IT administrators can set print rules for different user groups or departments. Guest printing can be restricted so visitors cannot use the MFD’s (multifunction devices) at all or are restricted to certain functions only.

Support corporate social responsibility

Economic use of resources leads to reduced paper usage which is a key step towards an improved environmental performance. Sustainability goals can be achieved through secure printing, double-sided printing and respecting MFD energy savings mode.

When we implemented the new system, printing statistics showed double-sided printing accounted for 10% of total print jobs. Six months later, double-sided printing accounts for 51% of all printing.
Kawa Farid, Network Administrator, Hyundai

The control panel and end-user experience is the same across all of our imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems, and that makes our life in IT much easier.
Cris Beagle, Sr. Systems Engineer, Propex

Get ahead with smart print features

Keep manufacturing plans and other documents secure

Users must authenticate themselves on a device using a card login, username/password, PIN code, job code, anonymous login or a combination of these. They have to be physically standing at the printer in order to release a print job. This guarantees company information is kept secure and provides a high degree of flexibility.

Reduce errors caused by manual processing

By automatically capturing metadata during the scan process at an MFD, errors caused by manual entry will be avoided and digital documents can be retrieved faster.

Accelerate work processes with automatic text recognition

With highly accurate, embedded I.R.I.S. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, document content and text is automatically identified. This functionality means documents can be converted quickly into PDF or office documents so employees can retrieve and work on documents immediately.

Gain control through predefined job settings

Administrators can specify in what form documents are printed e.g. emails are always printed in black and white and large jobs double-sided. Limiting more costly print options delivers direct cost savings as paper and toner consumption is reduced.

“uniFLOW provided the easy integration we demanded and delivered the user-friendly operation which would eliminate the barriers to productivity which had existed for too long.“
Cris Beagle, Sr. Systems Engineer, Propex

“uniFLOW’s features, functions and seamless integration within our environment easily cost-justified the solution. We would have chosen uniFLOW even if it were more than we budgeted, because of its tremendous benefits.”
Cris Beagle, Sr. Systems Engineer, Propex

Increase productivity with My Print Anywhere

Employees can submit print jobs from any location via their smartphones, tablets or desktop PCs by email, Apple AirPrint, web browser, internet printer driver, uniFLOW app or Google Cloud Print. They can then be collected from any available device all of which brings about increased productivity.

Keep control of print and scan budgets

Using uniFLOW’s built-in reporting system, organizations can track and assess printing, copying, faxing and scanning usage, allowing internal costs to be charged back to multi-level cost centers. This helps organizations have an overview of how print and scan budgets are spent.

Reduce costs by routing large print jobs to more cost-efficient printers

IT managers can set rules so print jobs will be rerouted from expensive desktop printers to cheaper network MFDs or the print room which reduces and controls costs.

Achieve environmental sustainability goals

uniFLOW can bring about a significant reduction in the total volume of print output which improves the environmental impact of an organization as valuable resources are saved. uniFLOW can produce reports to illustrate how sustainability goals have been reached and how many trees have been saved.


The features and benefits described here provide only a brief overview as to what NT-ware’s powerful software can do for your business. NT-ware has worked closely with the manufacturing sector for many years. uniFLOW is a powerful solution for the manufacturing sector. Its modular structure provides an adaptable solution which can be customized to meet your particular requirements.

uniFLOW is available worldwide and can be purchased via the Canon distribution channels or any authorized uniFLOW reseller.