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Confronting the challenges facing the legal industry with intelligent solutions

The legal services industry has traditionally been conservative in its structure and attitude to change. In recent years though new technology is driving change in order to become more productive and competitive by updating document storage and implementing efficient expense management and chargeback systems. At the same time, data protection and reducing costs are amongst the challenges confronting legal firms. Convenient solutions, such as uniFLOW, are required to deal with such challenges.

Increasing security and enhancing office efficiency

Realize data protection with secure printing

Compliance breaches may occur when client records and other sensitive information are left on output trays. Secure printing means all print jobs are stored in a user’s personal secure print queue until they are released following authentication. This guarantees client information and confidential documents will not fall into the wrong hands.

Efficient expense management and chargeback

uniFLOW allows legal institutions to allocate document costs to the correct client or matter number. When sending a job to print, a pop-up screen can appear on the user’s PC with an option to select what or to whom to charge the job to. A similar screen can also be displayed on the multifunctional device (MFD) control panel.

Decentralized document workflow

Law firms generate and receive a lot of paper which needs to be processed and archived. The automated scan workflows offered by uniFLOW can facilitate automatic detection of scanned document types and extraction of key data, online database validations and integration with (third party) back-office systems. Scanned documents can also be converted into a searchable (OCR) format.

Implement print and copy strategies to manage costs

The IT administrator can track costs and generate analytical reports to identify inefficient printing practices. Device and network settings can be adapted to limit more costly print operations to engender responsible printing habits.

“Since implementing Canon devices and uniFLOW, our law firm’s overall workflow efficiency has significantly improved, and cost recovery and assignment of related costs are now accurate.”
Mr. Craig Wilson, IT Director, Winthrop & Weinstine

“Since implementing Canon devices and uniFLOW, our law firm’s overall workflow efficiency has significantly improved, and cost recovery and assignment of related costs are now accurate.”
Mr. Craig Wilson, IT Director, Winthrop & Weinstine

Fulfilling the needs of a changing legal service industry

Automated text recognition

With uniFLOW scanned documents can easily be converted into PDF or Office documents so lawyers and employees can work on them immediately which promotes increased productivity.

Cost savings through predefined job settings

Administrators can specify in what form documents are printed e.g. emails are always printed in black and white and large jobs double-sided. This leads to direct cost savings by reducing paper and toner consumption.

Function level access control

Restrict the device functions according to users’ level of security clearance e.g. guests can print jobs submitted from their mobile devices but they cannot copy or scan.

Chargeback to clients or projects

uniFLOW allows each print or scan job to be assigned to a specific client or matter number. This brings about a more transparent cost structure for clients and simpler cost control.

More than 800 legal institutions are already using uniFLOW.

“… we have been able to uphold our reputation as a technologically driven leader in the legal industry, utilizing digital solutions while improving our environment’s infrastructure to respond in a fast and cost-effective manner to our clients’ diverse and ever-evolving needs.”
Mr. Craig Wilson, IT Director, Winthrop & Weinstine

Device-independent Mobile Printing

uniFLOW offers a wide range of supported devices for mobile print e.g. laptops, tablets or smartphones which gives lawyers and employees the flexibility to work on the device of their choice.

Streamlined document distribution

The automated scan workflows allow users to choose from a wide ranges of different scan destinations e.g. scan to folder, email, iManage Work, Hyland Onbase®, RightFax, LexisNexis Affinity™, DMS4Legal, resulting in increased efficiency and optimized business processes.

Print from Anywhere

Lawyers and employees can submit print jobs from any location via their smartphones, tablets or desktop PCs by email, Apple AirPrint, web browser, internet printer driver, uniFLOW app or Google Cloud Print which brings about increased productivity.

Environmentally responsible

With uniFLOW the total volume of print output can be significantly reduced which improves the environmental impact of an organization and saves valuable resources. This can be illustrated in reports to achieve sustainability goals.


The features and benefits described on this site provide a brief overview as to what NT-ware’s powerful software can do for your business. NT-ware has worked closely with the legal sector for many years. uniFLOW’s modular structure provides an adaptable and customized solution.

uniFLOW is a powerful solution for the legal sector. It is available worldwide and can be purchased via the Canon distribution channels or any authorized uniFLOW reseller.