Government Increasing the planning certainty

Facing paradox challenges simultaneously

Peoples’ expectations of the public sector and the services it provides are rising. At the same time government institutions are faced with rapid social development and a huge number of policy objectives in a constantly changing environment. Simultaneously budgets are shrinking and debt burdens increasing. Government institutions therefore need to do more, albeit with less revenue, to increase efficiency, improve allocation of resources and maintain high quality and accessible data.

Reduce costs and meet the public’s expectations of an efficient government

Better security through multiple authentication methods

Classified information has become a hot topic in recent years as government institutions collect personal information and other confidential material which needs to be stored securely. With secure printing users have to authenticate themselves directly at the device using a card login, username/password, PIN code, job code, anonymous login or a combination of these options.

Scan directly to the destination where the document is needed

Although the digitalization process is expanding there are still a large number of paper based processes. Documents need to be captured and integrated into existing workflows. uniFLOW can scan to various destinations e.g. folder, email, desktop, common cloud destinations and any DMS/ECM destinations.

Improve allocation of resources with printing rules

For government institutions an effective allocation of resources has never been more important. Paying for print jobs that end up in the bin is wasteful. uniFLOW’s built-in reporting system allows IT administrators to control how jobs are printed by implementing print policies e.g. duplex printing or only in black and white.

Preparing documents for electronic storage with automated scan workflows

For a smooth workflow it is crucial that stored data is of a high quality and easily accessible. uniFLOW prepares documents for electronic storage by detecting the scanned document type, automatic extraction of key data, online database validation and integration with (third party) back-office systems.

“The ability to decide where print is picked up has also proven useful, a user can create their work in one location and then pick it up at another by entering their unique user code at the point of output.”
Alan Cormack, Head of Logistics at Grampian Police

More than 1,500 government organizations in 46 countries use uniFLOW to help them reduce time spent on bureaucracy.

A print management solution to address government challenges

Keep personal and other confidential data secure with secure printing

Data breaches can be caused by print jobs sitting in output trays. uniFLOW ensures print jobs are held in the user’s personal secure print queue until they are released; users must be at the printer to release and collect print jobs.

Manage budgets for individual users, departments or administrative districts

Costs can be charged back to different departments or administrative districts. The individual costs incurred for a print or scan job are visible to the user at the device. This supports conscientious printing behavior and facilitates accurate long-term budget planning.

Increased productivity through personalized scan workflows

Personalized workflows, which follow users from Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices to Canon document scanners, save time as users can only view those scan processes relevant to their job role.

Reduce errors caused by manual processing

Automatic capture of metadata means errors caused by manual entry will be avoided and retrieval of digital documents is quicker.

“The Canon solution has delivered a real and noticeable reduction in our print costs of around £25k per year.”
Alan Cormack, Head of Logistics at Grampian Police

“I need to access the print system every day and the improvement has been dramatic. Small changes like the visibility of print queues and individual PIN access make sure that documents don’t get lost and save you time when retrieving them. The easy scanning capabilities also allow us to respond more quickly to citizens’ requests.”
Jo Miklo, Head of Business at Leeds City Council

Monitor print and scanning behavior to reduce costs

uniFLOW can monitor savings made through improved printing practices e.g. deleting secure print jobs that have not been printed. Constant analysis of the print behavior helps to establish better printing rules and, based on using a managed printing system, a higher return on the original investment can be realized.

Automatic text recognition when scanning

Using the highly accurate embedded I.R.I.S. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology documents can be transformed into a searchable PDF or office document. This function increases employee productivity and accelerates document searches later on.

Routing of large print jobs to more cost-efficient printers or the print room

IT managers can set rules so print jobs will be rerouted from expensive desktop printers to cheaper network MFDs or the print room which reduces and controls costs.

Supporting sustainability goals

uniFLOW can provide the analytical information to help implement and visualize an environmental printing strategy, saving valuable resources and improving environmental performance.

Case studies

Have a look at uniFLOW’s case studies to see how we address customers’ challenges.


The features and benefits described on this site provide a brief overview as to what NT-ware’s powerful software can do for government institutions. NT-ware has worked closely with the public sector for many years. uniFLOW’s modular structure provides an adaptable and customized solution.

uniFLOW is a powerful solution for government organizations and is available worldwide and can be purchased via the Canon distribution channels or any authorized uniFLOW reseller.