Industries The "right fit" for different challenges

uniFLOW is modular – easy adaptation to individual business needs

Due to its modular architecture, uniFLOW can be adapted to suit individual requirements and grow alongside businesses. Thanks to a wide range of different workflow settings and the high standards achieved for secure printing, uniFLOW can also be used in industries where there are high expectations for the management of their print input and output whilst still maintaining a simple interface for the end-users in an organization.

Providing solutions for today’s healthcare challenges

uniFLOW can address the challenges healthcare organizations face so healthcare professionals can concentrate their resources where it really counts such as focusing on improving quality of care and patient safety.
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Managing a student-friendly printing environment

Whether you are a small primary school or a university of tens of thousands of students, uniFLOW can facilitate printing, copying and scanning processes for your students and staff while managing and charging back costs.
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Maintaining client confidentiality

With uniFLOW an efficient expense management and chargeback system is available, while ensuring client information stays secure, because users are required to authenticate themselves at the printers. This helps legal firms to succeed in an increasingly competitive sector.
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Increasing the planning certainty

In government organizations budgets can be set years in advance and subsequent reallocation of resources is difficult. Thanks to uniFLOW, cost-control of printing and scanning expenses is easy to manage.
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Giving customer data thesecurity it needs

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance organizations handle sensitive customer data daily. uniFLOW can help to keep this data secure by implementing secure printing and individualized workflows.
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Keeping intellectual property within the company

Manufacturers use intellectual property to improve efficiency and performance in their factories and other projects. uniFLOW in combination with Canon’s iW SAM Express can detect unauthorized duplication of confidential documents whilst simultaneously enhancing office efficiency and performance.
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One platform - many solutions

The close interaction of different technologies and the modular structure of uniFLOW contribute to a perfect fit for many businesses.

Manage your devices with uniFLOW

  • Print securely and track costs for all printing, copying, scanning and faxing
  • Scan, process and distribute with intelligent document processes
  • ‘Bring your own device’ allows employees to work anywhere, at any time and on any device
  • Restrict device functions, capture device activities and monitor the status of the entire print fleet
  • Manage the entire range of print room task - from submission to job intake, from document make ready to production - with uniFLOW’s CRD