uniFLOW Online Secure Cloud Printing & Scanning for Business

uniFLOW Online - Simple, serverless, secure

Cloud computing allows businesses to re-evaluate how their products are designed and manufactured, review how their customers purchase products and assess how processes and markets work. uniFLOW Online is a cloud-based secure print and scan solution that addresses today’s challenges so that businesses can reduce IT overheads, improve productivity and enhance security.

uniFLOW Online is developed from the ground-up to enhance the benefits of the Microsoft Azure™ cloud platform. It provides superior enterprise platform security, scalability and resilience for organizations of all sizes.

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Flexible Authentication     Print confidential Documents securely     Send Print Jobs from anywhere     Secure Document Scanning     Track Print, Scan and Copy Costs     Cloud-based Infrastructure

Managed in the Cloud

Managed in the Cloud

Managed in the Cloud

Cloud-based Secure Printing, Scanning and Accounting

Local Print Jobs and regional Datacenters

Secure print jobs remain within the business' local network, ensuring that documents are always safe. All data remains within the region i.e. it is not exported to other legal jurisdictions.

Increase Document Security

By providing secure access to devices, uniFLOW Online ensures confidential documents will not fall into the wrong hands.

Increase Office Productivity

Employee productivity can be increased by providing mobile printing, cloud printing and scanning facilities for users where they are needed.

Control and reduce Print and Copy Costs

Administrators can track and assess print, copy, fax and scan costs directly in the cloud with uniFLOW Online so that costs can be allocated to individual users, devices and departments.