Finance and insurance Ensure a high level of data security

Take advantage of increased digitalization to improve efficiency

Ten years ago the financial crisis brought immense challenges and changes to the finance and insurance industry. Having recovered from this, now FinTech and InsurTech gain strength, forcing the industry to rethink traditional business concepts. Cutting costs and increasing efficiency is the current mantra – reduction of paper waste is a good start. uniFLOW can also optimize document processes while increasing security to ensure compliance with data security regulations.

Increasing efficiency with print technology

Combine data protection and secure printing

The finance and insurance industry is still heavily reliant on paper documents. Breaches of confidentiality might occur if customer records and other sensitive information are left on output trays. Secure Printing means all print jobs are stored in a user’s personal secure print queue until they are released at a device.

Push digitalization with decentralized document workflows

As digitalization evolves, paper documents are more digitalized so they are available to employees sooner. The automated OCR scan workflows offered by uniFLOW can facilitate automatic detection of scanned document types and extraction of key data, online database validations and integration with (third party) back-office systems. Scanned documents can also be converted into a searchable format.

Implement print and copy strategies to cut costs

The IT administrator can track costs and generate analytical reports to identify inefficient printing behaviors. Printing rules can then be put in place so certain documents are printed in black and white or double sided only and large print jobs be directed to a more cost efficient printer or the print room.

Efficient expense management and chargeback

uniFLOW allows print and scan costs to be allocated to the correct cost center. When sending a job to print, a pop-up screen can appear on the user’s PC with an option to select to which department or person the job should be charged. A similar screen can also be displayed on the multifunctional device (MFD) control panel.

“Within the first month of implementation, we saved 390,000 pages, which is 790 reams of paper or the equivalent of saving 20 trees just by implementing uniFLOW print management software.”
John Gilmore, Lead Project Manager, Shared Services Projects, RAC in WA

“Everyone is happy with the fact that they can easily submit jobs and pick them up when needed from any device on the network within a secure setting (thanks to the access controls).”
Michelle Hoffert, Director of IT, Lanier Upshaw

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliancy in the USA

SOX Compliancy is a topic which affects the whole company. uniFLOW can help the print and scan environment complies with SOX regulations. To provide secure data transfer, traffic between Canon devices and uniFLOW is encrypted and a reliable connection to the SQL database is installed. uniFLOW requires users to authenticate themselves before they can release and collect a print job and thus reduces the risk of data breaches

A strong market for print-output management

Keep customer data and other confidential documents secure

uniFLOW requires users to identify themselves at a device before documents can be released so customer data and other confidential documents will not fall into the wrong hands.

Improved cost control saves money

Using the built-in reporting system, organizations can track and analyze printing, copying, faxing and scanning usage so internal costs can be charged back correctly and current usage audited. Rerouting jobs results in immediate cost savings and more efficient processes.

Automatic text recognition speeds up work processes

With highly accurate, embedded I.R.I.S. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, document content and text is automatically identified. This functionality means documents can be converted quickly into PDF or office documents so employees are able to retrieve and work on documents immediately.

Cost savings through predefined job settings

Administrators can specify in what form documents are printed e.g. emails always printed in black and white and large jobs double-sided. The limitation of more costly print operations leads to direct cost savings by reducing paper and toner consumption.

“Canon’s uniFLOW print management software also caused a positive behavioral change in staff printing which saw 200,000 unwanted print jobs deleted from the system and not sitting wasted by the printer.”
John Gilmore, Lead Project Manager, Shared Services Projects, RAC in WA

Financial and insurance institutions in 57 countries are confident uniFLOW helps to protect their customers’ confidential data.

10 out of the 15 leading banks in Europe are using uniFLOW to ensure customer data is stored securely. – Statista (2016)

Reduce errors caused by manual processing

By automatically capturing metadata when scanning documents, errors caused by manual entry will be avoided and digital documents can be retrieved faster.

Streamlined document distribution increases efficiency

The automated scan workflows allow users to choose from a range of scan destinations e.g. scan to folder, email or DMS/ ECM-Systems such as Alfresco which optimizes business processes.

Support to reach environmental goals

uniFLOW can significantly reduce the total print output volume which improves the environmental impact of an organization and saves valuable resources. This can be illustrated in reports which highlight whether sustainability goals have been reached.

Manage budgets for individual departments and branches

uniFLOW facilitates correct charge back to departments and branches. The costs incurred for each print or scan job are also visible to the user at the device. This promotes conscientious printing behavior and facilitates accurate long-term budget planning.

Case studies

Have a look at uniFLOW’s case studies to see how we address customers’ challenges.


The features and benefits described here provide only a brief overview as to what NT-ware’s powerful software can do for your business. NT-ware has worked closely with the financial and insurance sector for many years. uniFLOW is a powerful solution for the financial and insurance sector and its modular structure provides an adaptable solution which can be customized to meet your particular requirements.

uniFLOW is available worldwide and can be purchased via the Canon distribution channels or any authorized uniFLOW reseller.