One platform for all your print, scan and device management

uniFLOW 2024 LTS - Audit device activity in a hybrid setup

This latest release extends the uniFLOW hybrid server capabilities by creating an audit trail of all document activity on Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX devices thanks to Image Log Module which captures data from individual devices. Customers can use the data to determine whether users are handling sensitive information according to corporate policy.

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One platform for all document processes

uniFLOW has been designed to act as one integrated platform for all print, scan and device management. This powerful platform software is open, modular and configurable so it can be adapted to fit the specific needs of different businesses from large corporations to small offices, educational establishments, local governments and central print rooms.

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Connect to the cloud – uniFLOW hybrid

Cloud technology is transforming how businesses work thanks to its superior enterprise platform security, scalability, and resilience. Where cloud solutions do not meet certain key requirements, a uniFLOW on-site server might still be required. When building their cloud strategy, organizations seek to mix and match the best available technologies to provide flexibility and cost advantages.

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“60% of all printing across the firm is now double sided and we have saved over one million pages in the first three months.”
David Clarkson, Armstrong Watson, United Kingdom

“It’s no exaggeration to say that, almost without exception, the feedback within just 48 hours was overwhelmingly positive.”
David Clarkson, Armstrong Watson, United Kingdom

“The results were immediate and impressive.”
Mike Haworth, Mahoneys, Australia

“Our staff and faculty raved about the ease of use, embraced our green initiatives, and valued that they could play such a significant role in reducing costs so that we can dedicate more resources to educating our students..”
Karen Minton, University of Kentucky College of Nursing, USA

“Since installing the equipment a new mindset has evolved. Students have become more selective about what, how and where they print. As a result, we’ve reduced the amount of paper we use by 20%.”
Chris Foreman, Homewood School, USA

“The implementation was at first just a print solution but it quickly became an implementation of a complete solution.”
Stephen Porter, Marist College Ashgrove, Australia

“uniFLOW provides greater security and accounting to help us remain HIPAA-compliant”
Mr. Kyle Felstein, Hamilton Center, Inc., USA

“Making departments responsible for what they print, this has dramatically reduced unnecessary printing – especially of black and white copies – and setting the printers to automatic duplexing has further cut waste, by up to 50% in some cases.”
Sue Chick, Imagination London, United Kingdom

“The uniFLOW reporting indicated a single floor in one of our offices had reduced their printing by 3000 copies in one month.”
Malcolm Condie, TelstraClear, New Zealand

“With employees now having to swipe their cards in order for their print jobs to be released, we have dramatically reduced our total paper wastage by eliminating employees printing unwanted or unnecessary documents.”
Arthur Jun, LG., Australia

“uniFLOW’s features, functions, and seamless integration within our environment easily cost-justified the solution.”
Cris Beagle, Propex Operating Company, LLC, USA

“The end-user experience is the same across all of our devices, and that makes our life in IT much easier”
Cris Beagle, Propex Operating Company, LLC, USA

“When we implemented the new system, double-sided printing accounted for 10% of total print jobs. Six months later, it accounts for 51% of all printing.”
Kawa Farid, Hyundai Motor Company Australia, Australia

“People are seeing the benefits of the new print solution and are proud of their own role in reducing their environmental impact.”
Kawa Farid, Hyundai Motor Company Australia, Australia

“Using uniFLOW we can allocate and recover print costs from each cost centre, which streamlines the budgeting process, and generate a true understanding of how we print”
Gary Sussex, London Borough of Newham, United Kingdom

“The ability to decide where print is picked up has also proven useful, a user can create their work in one location and then pick it up at another by entering their unique user code at the point of output.”
Alan Cormack, Grampian Police, United Kingdom

“The Canon solution has delivered a real and noticeable reduction in our print costs of around £25k per year.”
Alan Cormack, Grampian Police, United Kingdom

How can uniFLOW help to improve your business?

Control and reduce print and copy costs

The built-in reporting system means that printing, copying, faxing and scanning usage can be tracked and assessed so that internal costs can be charged back correctly and current usage audited.

Increase document security

By allowing only authorized access to devices, uniFLOW can help keep confidential documents out of the wrong hands.

Improve employee productivity

Provision of mobile printing facilities allows users to print where and when needed which increases employee productivity.

Help save the environment

uniFLOW can provide an analysis to structure an environmental printing strategy, saving valuable trees and improving environmental performance.

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