Healthcare Providing solutions for today’s healthcare challenges

Challenges facing today’s healthcare market

In recent years, both medical and scientific advancements have led to better quality medical care. Unfortunately healthcare facilities face enormous challenges including rising costs, a strict regulatory environment and provider consolidation. This means organizations must increase efficiency and profitability. In addition, tighter security standards must be met to safeguard patient privacy and confidential health information while keeping pace with the ongoing transition to electronic records.

Increasing efficiency and gaining time to care for patients

Integrate data protection standards with secure printing

Breaches of confidentiality might occur if patient records and other sensitive information are left on output trays. Secure Printing means all print jobs are stored in a user’s personal secure print queue until they are released at a device thus ensuring patient health information and confidential documents will not fall into the wrong hands.

Automated scan workflows connect to Electronic Health Records (EHR) and back-office systems

Individual scan workflows including automatic detection of scanned document type, automatic extraction of key data, online database validations and integration with (third party) back-office systems mean medical documents are stored correctly within the EHR system. This means medical staff will not need to waste time searching for documents, as they will be easy to retrieve, so they can allocate more time to patient care.

Implement print and copy strategies to manage costs

The IT administrator can track costs and generate analytical reports to identify inefficient printing behaviors. Device and network settings can be adapted to limit more costly print operations thus enforcing responsible printing habits.

Suitable with Activity-Based Costing (ABC) and Traditional Cost System (TCS)

The healthcare industry uses two accounting systems both of which uniFLOW supports even on a multi-level base. Correct allocation of costs to cost centers enables healthcare organizations to control costs and reduce waste.

Create sustainability awareness

An economic use of resources leads to reduction in paper usage which is a key step towards an improved environmental performance. Sustainability goals can be achieved through secure printing, forcing two-sided printing and respecting MFD device energy savings mode.

uniFLOW means spending less time managing paper so you have more time to look after patients

More than 1,100 healthcare organizations are already using uniFLOW to reduce their environmental footprint and to save costs.

80% of the biggest medical equipment and supplies companies worldwide are using uniFLOW.

“uniFLOW provides greater security and accounting to help us remain HIPAA-compliant”
Mr. Kyle Felstein, IT Supervisor at Hamilton Center, Inc.

Health Level 7 (HL7) compliancy

The HL7 organization defines a standard for the exchange, integration, sharing and retrieval of electronic healthcare information. This standard in communication between programs ensures patient information is always at the point it is needed. It is convenient therefore for all hospitals and other healthcare institutions computer programs to be HL7 compatible. uniFLOW integrates into hospital IT systems using HL7 so documents are sent to the HL7 Master or Cross-Enterprise Document System (XDS) repository using Medical Document Management (MDM) messages and XDS protocol.

The secure solution for a modern healthcare environment

Document security which keeps patient data secure

To prevent unauthorized use of devices and keep valuable and confidential information safe, uniFLOW requires users to identify themselves at a device before documents can be released.

Improved cost control saves money

Using the built-in reporting system, organizations can track and assess printing, copying, faxing and scanning usage, allowing internal costs to be charged back correctly and current usage audited. Routing of jobs result in immediate cost improvements and increased efficiency of processes.

Seamless integration with (third party) back-office systems

With the transition from paper-based processes to electronic workflows integration of healthcare back-end systems is essential. uniFLOW can be designed to automatically integrate unstructured patient records into an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system which saves valuable time.

Reduce errors caused by manual processing

By automatically capturing metadata, errors caused by manual entry will be avoided and digital documents can be retrieved faster.

uniFLOW can help you deliver a higher quality of care while keeping sensitive information secure.

Among the biggest healthcare services worldwide, uniFLOW is a popular solution that addresses today’s printing and scanning challenges.

“The usage reports (of uniFLOW) contain an impressive amount of details so that costs can be better tracked, managed, and charged against budgets and reduce overall expenditures. As a non-profit entity that depends upon state and federal funding, every dollar counts.”
Mr. Kyle Felstein, IT Supervisor at Hamilton Center, Inc.

Automatic text recognition when scanning documents

With highly accurate, embedded I.R.I.S. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, document content and text is automatically identified. This functionality means documents can be converted quickly into PDF or office documents. This helps to increase productivity as employees are able to retrieve and work on documents immediately.

Improved assignment of printing costs

When sending a job to print to whatever device in any location the user chooses, a pop-up screen can appear on the user’s PC allowing them to select which cost center to charge the job to. This leads to increased efficiency and improved cost control as costs are allocated correctly.

Increased productivity through personalized scan workflows

Personalized workflows, which follow users from Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices to Canon document scanners, save time because users see only those scan processes relevant to their job role.

Supporting sustainability goals

Healthcare organizations seek solutions that boost sustainability efforts whilst effectively managing costs. uniFLOW can provide the analysis to help implement an environmental printing strategy, saving valuable resources and improving environmental performance.


uniFLOW is a secure solution for print and scan environments in the healthcare sector. uniFLOW is available worldwide and can be purchased via the Canon distribution channels or any authorized uniFLOW reseller.