FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose uniFLOW for my print, copy and scan management?

uniFLOW is a scalable and modular platform to manage all printing, copying and scanning workflows in any business. It enables businesses to realize significant cost savings via a range of features e.g. “job routing” so that documents are rerouted to the cheapest device or automatic deletion of jobs which have not been released within a set time period. uniFLOW also provides improved security benefits; the secure print function can be enhanced by introducing intelligent scan workflows to add a real business process advantage.

What is the difference between uniFLOW and uniFLOW Online?

uniFLOW is a server-based print, scan and device management solution and has a very large feature set so it can be expanded to cover additional business processes such as scanning, mobile printing or production printing. It can also be customized to cater for specific business requirements.

uniFLOW Online is a cloud-based secure printing solution suitable for businesses who do not wish to invest in, manage or maintain local servers. uniFLOW Online provides secure printing, mobile printing and accounting.

What are the typical cost savings?

Cost savings are dependent on the feature set that is implemented. Most savings result from automatic deletion of uncollected print jobs, correct cost allocation, rerouting of print jobs to more efficient devices and optimization of scan processes. The indications are that implementation of the secure printing, My Print Anywhere and scan features that follow a user from one device to another bring about savings of 20%. Adding extra features will, of course, lead to increased productivity and further cost savings.

Is uniFLOW suitable for any size of business?

As uniFLOW is a modular and scalable solution it is ideal for any size of business, from very small start-ups to large international corporations. Business requirements can be discussed with the local Canon representative or authorized reseller to clarify which solution will meet the needs of the business. uniFLOW’s great advantage is that it can grow with the business and is adaptable to meet changing needs thanks to its modular architecture and the “One Platform” principle.

What support does NT-ware provide?

Support is provided by the local Canon subsidiary, or certified partner, who has full access to NT-ware’s technical support team if an issue cannot be resolved immediately.

Can uniFLOW be customized?

As uniFLOW is a workflow and business process focused software it can usually be tailored to meet business requirements during installation. Where more specific requirements are raised a dedicated project team from NT-ware can discuss and incorporate adaptations to cover these issues.

Can uniFLOW be implemented across different sites or continents?

A multi-site implementation can easily be implemented using Remote Print Servers (RPS). An RPS is an additional server that, at regular intervals, synchronizes with a central uniFLOW server. It offers most of the same features offered by a regular uniFLOW server and all accounting data can be uploaded to the main uniFLOW server for central reporting.

Why should I use the uniFLOW Universal Driver?

The uniFLOW Universal Driver means that users can choose any device on the entire business network to print their documents to, regardless of model or manufacturer, with the added guarantee that the output will be correct. Not only does this reduce user frustration with the printing process, it also saves costs because multiple reprints are no longer necessary. The major advantage for the IT department is there is only one printer driver to be managed for the entire network.

What are the benefits of the uniFLOW SmartClient?

The uniFLOW SmartClient allows customers with a multi-site infrastructure to print securely and track and audit costs without any need for local print servers, even in remote locations with limited and unstable bandwidth. Implementing the uniFLOW SmartClient saves on initial investment for the server infrastructure. This powerful development means businesses can enjoy the benefits of a secure print strategy throughout whilst minimizing the IT department’s workload.

Is uniFLOW a vendor agnostic solution?

uniFLOW is a vendor agnostic solution, currently offering embedded support for Konica Minolta, Xerox, Samsung, Canon, Océ and OKI devices and the list of supported manufacturers is growing. For devices not currently supported by an embedded applet we have developed the uniFLOW Release Station. The uniFLOW Release Station is a terminal with a touchscreen user interface and embedded card reader offering the same usability as any other embedded applet.

Can existing ID cards be used for device authentication?

In most instances cards used for other identification purposes e.g. ID cards for doors can be used for authentication. uniFLOW supports a range of card readers encompassing the majority of card technologies. NT-ware can check existing card systems and advise as to which card reader will be suitable.

How is uniFLOW licensed?

Business needs will dictate whether a device-based or server-based licensing model will be required. With the two different licensing models, NT-ware can provide the most cost-effective solution to suit.

What is the difference between “Pull Printing” and “My Print Anywhere”?

Pull Printing is a print feature which enables users to collect their print jobs after authentication at a device. My Print Anywhere gives certainty that print jobs can be released at any device connected to print output software such as uniFLOW or uniFLOW Online. If a device is already in use, a user can simply go to another available device. The administrator can select how users authenticate themselves at a device e.g. by proximity card, PIN code or job code. Users can then select from their personal secure print queue which of their jobs is to be printed.