Maintain security with uniFLOW A thorough security concept for print and scan environments

Protecting sensitive business information

Security threats are constant and are becoming ever more sophisticated. Data protection regulations provide guidelines as to how to avoid the risks and have raised awareness. uniFLOW offers one platform to combine and simplify the many security issues surrounding document management processes.

Secure network communication

uniFLOW provides additional layers of security when transmitting print jobs across a network. When print jobs are in transit they are susceptible to interception so they are encrypted by uniFLOW using AES-256 respectively RSA encryption until they reach the device from which they can be securely released.

Device access control

There are a range of authentication options for users within uniFLOW including via proximity card, username/ password or PIN code. Authentication can work at any network printer.

Access granted to individual users or groups can be controlled and limited where necessary using Access Management Service (AMS). Print and scan by USB can be blocked to unauthorized users. Access to an internal email address book and functions such as Send to Myself and Scan to my Folder can also be restricted.

uniFLOW offers the option to enable guest printing. This means secure print job release can be provided to guests while maintaining a high level of security.

Print jobs are encrypted whilst in transit.

External job submission pathways minimize attack vectors by removing the need to add unknown or unauthorized mobile devices to a network.

Print job security

uniFLOW recognizes whether a device error has occurred and, if the user is logged out, will automatically delete any remaining print jobs. The printer will not release those print jobs either once the error has been fixed. Users can be contacted by email to inform them the remaining print jobs have been deleted; print job and device details can be included.

Print jobs can be released securely with My Print Anywhere. There are multiple forms of user authentication provided and the prints jobs can be collected from any device connected to uniFLOW.

Secure print mobility options

uniFLOW provides external job submission pathways via email or web. This minimizes attack vectors as there is no need to add unknown or unauthorized mobile devices to the organizational network.

Internet Gateway Server: The uniFLOW Internet Gateway allows for secure job submission via upload or native driver (Windows® and Mac®) to uniFLOW over SSL encrypted communication.

Email: Mobile print jobs submitted via email should already meet an organization’s antivirus, content policy and security rules.

Google Cloud Print™: Enterprise-wide Google Cloud Print™ converts all files via the Google cloud into a printable PDF format which is transferred securely to uniFLOW for processing.

Apple AirPrint®: The uniFLOW Service for AirPrint® is officially certified by Apple® and provides secure printing from iPad/ iPhone and Mac® devices.

Access Control Lists ensure scan destinations are only available to authorized users.

If confidential data has been duplicated via print, scan, fax or copy processes, a designated administrator can be notified.

Scanning securely to all destinations including cloud services

Access Control Lists ensure scan destinations are available to authorized users only. When scanning to cloud service end-points 0Auth identity providers are supported.

uniFLOW can convert scanned images into different file formats. PDF is universally recognized as the ‘portable’ file format of choice. uniFLOW can produce encrypted PDFs with optional password-protection against viewing, editing or printing. PDF output meta-data support allows tracking for author and ownership.

Audit document activity

Organizations can easily capture and archive all imaging activities - print, scan, fax, copy and email with the Image Log Module. Each time an activity is performed on a Canon MFD, the text and image data can be captured together with log information to facilitate detailed auditing and flagging of confidential information for review. Print data can also be captured across multiple manufacturers when using the PostScript uniFLOW Universal Driver. All captured data can then be automatically exported to external DMS systems as well as Data Loss Prevention systems. Easy document detection is facilitated through a full text search capability using uniFLOW’s OCR engine.

When a specific keyword is printed, scanned, faxed, copied or sent a designated administrator can automatically be notified so will be aware of potential information. The administrator can also restrict duplication of documents which contain specific keywords.