How can uniFLOW in hybrid mode help your business?

Connect to the cloud – uniFLOW hybrid

Cloud technology is transforming how businesses work thanks to its superior enterprise platform security, scalability, and resilience. Where cloud solutions do not meet certain key requirements, a uniFLOW on-site server might still be required. When building their cloud strategy, organizations seek to mix and match the best available technologies to provide flexibility and cost advantages. Utilizing technology advantages such as hybrid cloud computing is fundamental nowadays. By combining dedicated hardware with cloud-based services, hybrid technology provides flexibility to take advantage of on-demand cloud resources while simultaneously satisfying even the most complex business processes and security requirements. Adapting uniFLOW to meet new technological requirements means its robust feature set can connect to uniFLOW Online’s flexible and scalable cloud services.

The best of both worlds

uniFLOW´s hybrid technology is bridging the gap to the future by combining two technologies. Organizations can still retain their on-site uniFLOW server at head office to handle complex or customized document workflows e.g., scan to a local DMS system, fine-tuning workflows using the uniFLOW Workflow Engine or specific customizations to cater for specific business processes. In addition, satellite or temporary offices can be moved to the cloud with uniFLOW Online to benefit from a lean and easy to manage IT infrastructure. The flexibility and convenience of this combination is why the hybrid solution has become the dominant IT infrastructure model for most large businesses. By connecting uniFLOW to uniFLOW Online, all business locations, cloud, and server, are managed centrally.

Ready for the cloud

uniFLOW in hybrid mode is a future proof investment. The power of local servers is used where needed, while connecting to cloud locations quickly and effortlessly, profiting from its scalability without the need to add additional servers. Organizations can decide whether to move costly servers to the cloud over time to reduce maintenance work and IT costs on maintaining servers.

How can uniFLOW in hybrid mode help your business?

Saving time and effort with central management

The hybrid functionality allows organizations to benefit from a single system to manage all reports and subscriptions across multiple sites. The time spent on administration is thus kept to a minimum. All mobile print jobs are handled via uniFLOW Online and no additional tools, systems, servers, or licenses are required for setup. This solution reduces setup and maintenance to an absolute minimum as administrators can configure the mobile print setup with two clicks for server and cloud locations through uniFLOW Online.

Tailor-made enhanced security

uniFLOW server is placed in high-security areas or where documents are scanned to internal DMS systems. In cloud-only locations, Windows print jobs must not leave the company network thanks to the uniFLOW SmartClient. In addition, the experts at Microsoft ensure the cloud infrastructure is secure so you don’t need to worry.

Central management

The connection between uniFLOW and uniFLOW Online enables organizations to profit from a single system to manage devices, subscriptions and reporting across both cloud and server locations. It reduces time spent on managing users and updating devices with the latest uniFLOW applications while creating a complete overview of the entire printing costs for all locations. It also allows the creation of temporary cloud sites, so a secure and familiar print and scan environment is available for all users wherever they are working.

Reduced workload and costs

Costs for purchasing local servers and their maintenance can be high, particularly when maintained by a third-party company. The cloud can replace servers in some areas and take advantage of an easily scalable cloud environment. Removing server results in reducing time-consuming server maintenance work. For growing businesses, it is risky and challenging to make accurate growth forecasts to scale the on-site infrastructure. uniFLOW leverages legacy IT investments and connects them to cloud resources, enabling flexible scalability while reducing costs.