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February 2019 | What's new?

uniFLOW 2019 LTS - Bridging the Gap to the Future

uniFLOW is a constantly evolving single platform providing secure print and document processes. The new release, uniFLOW 2019 LTS, introduces many new features which strengthen its core functionality. Its new connection to uniFLOW Online bridges the gap to the future for businesses in their digital evolution; it transforms the traditional server based print and scan environment into a highly flexible system which matches dedicated server hardware with its public cloud services.

uniFLOW connected with uniFLOW Online

The connection between uniFLOW and uniFLOW Online enables businesses to mix and match cloud technology with on-site server hardware across a number of different locations whilst simultaneously benefitting from a single system to manage all reporting and subscriptions. This means customers could use an on-site uniFLOW server in one location, to manage all printing and scanning, and uniFLOW Online, to implement secure document printing and scanning, in satellite or temporary offices. This means server costs are reduced and time spent on server maintenance work is decreased.


GDPR (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) strengthens and unifies data protection for all individuals within the European Union (EU). It also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU. uniFLOW already offers a thorough structure to minimize the risk of data leakage and to comply with GDPR. With this release uniFLOW supports administrators to fulfill users’ "right to access" and "right to be forgotten" so businesses can comply with GDPR in respect of their print and scan management infrastructure.

Improved Printing in the Office

uniFLOW 2019 LTS allows office employees to delegate print jobs to other colleagues or groups. Upon a job release by another user, an email notification to the delegator can be triggered. Furthermore uniFLOW 2019 LTS addresses the way in which businesses can implement cost centers, providing additional flexibility in fulfilling individual customer requirements. By providing new configuration options for the cost center functionality, uniFLOW optimizes the usability for users and business processes. Improvements include enabling or disabling the pre-population of cost centers, optimized search of cost centers and cost center selection based on individual device functions.

Enhanced Scanning Usability

uniFLOW 2019 LTS introduces multiple scanning improvements to enhance usability at the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE. The type-ahead keyboard removes the need to type the full cost center or recipient’s email address so the scan process is simpler and quicker for users.
By offering the option to repeat scan workflows, uniFLOW presents another feature which optimizes the user experience with more efficient scan processes while reducing time spent at the scan device. It is now also possible to specify how many buttons can be displayed on each scan device screen and in which order they appear on screen.
In response to high customer demand, uniFLOW now supports OAuth authentication for the Microsoft SharePoint® and OneDrive for Business scan connectors and customers benefit from easier identity management.
For improved business security uniFLOW can now incorporate scan watermarking; watermarks are fixed to a scanned document which cannot be changed by anyone who opens and processes the watermarked document. Bates stamping is also available, enabling the legal and medical sector to provide automatic consecutive numbering of scanned images.

Extended Device Support for Canon and Multi-Vendor

As well as focusing on extending its One Platform and adapting its technology to address future challenges, uniFLOW 2019 LTS also increases the range of devices supported. In addition to the already impressive line of supported vendors uniFLOW now provides embedded support for Brother (Europe only), Lexmark (worldwide) and Sharp (US only) devices.
By introducing a uniFLOW embedded applet for the Canon varioPRINT 135/ 140 Series and Canon imageRUNNER/ i-SENSYS/ imageCLASS devices, uniFLOW facilitates the seamless integration of these feature-rich and fast printers in a uniFLOW office printing environment as well. A wide range of USB connected Canon imageFORMULA desktop scanners are also supported.
In addition the large format support has been enhanced by offering support for the Canon imagePROGRAF TX/ TM series and adding additional accounting options on Océ PlotWave/ Océ ColorWave devices.

October 2018 | What's new?

Benefit from wider Platform Support with uniFLOW 2018v6

uniFLOW 2018v6 introduces new embedded applets for Sharp® and Lexmark™ devices, strengthening once again the uniFLOW multi-vendor approach. The Canon imagePROGRAF TM series of wide format devices is also supported. In addition to the new device support, uniFLOW 2018v6 provides the added flexibility for the design of delegation printing processes and the use of the Canon Eco stapling option.

Embedded Device Applet for Lexmark

The uniFLOW Embedded Applet for Lexmark provides a device-integrated solution enabling:

  • Device locking
  • Flexible job submission via the uniFLOW Universal Driver
  • Job release from a personal secure print queue
  • Mobile print submission
  • Cost center selection
  • Print and copy accounting
  • Native Lexmark Scan to Myself functionality

Managed by uniFLOW, Lexmark multifunctional devices can now easily be integrated within your print fleet. The applet is worldwide available.

Embedded Device Applet for Sharp

The uniFLOW Embedded Applet for Sharp provides a device-integrated solution enabling:

  • Device locking
  • Flexible job submission via the uniFLOW Universal Driver
  • Job release from a personal secure print queue
  • Mobile print submission
  • Cost center selection
  • Print and copy accounting
  • Native Sharp Scan to Myself functionality

Easily integrate Sharp multifunctional devices in your uniFLOW and benefit directly of the unified usability for all devices of your print fleet.
The regional availability is currently limited to the Americas only.

Canon imagePROGRAF TM Support

uniFLOW supports a wide range of large-format devices. The portfolio has now been expanded by also providing DIF-files for Canon`s imagePROGRAF TM series allowing accounting by reading out the device logs.

DIF-files are available for the Canon imagePROGRAF TM-305, TM-300, TM-205 and TM-200.

Eco Stapling Enhancements

Eco Stapling is now also available for selection in the ‘Finishing Options’ on the Canon MEAP touch-panel display. On top, the Eco Stapling option can now be controlled via ACLs in the uniFLOW Universal Driver.

Introduction of additional Configuration Options for Delegation Printing

A new Workflow Element allows the configuration of delegation printing per print queue. In the past, when recipients were added for a user, then all recipients listed could see and release all print jobs the relevant user had sent to their secure print queue. The new Workflow Element allows the creation of different input queues for the user: One secure input queue with delegation print enabled and one without delegation print.
In every Secure Print - Input Printer Wizard you can configure the new option by selecting 'Allow Print Job Delegation‘. The functionality is enabled by the new Workflow Element: "Allow Print Job Delegation".

June 2018 | What's new?

Case Studies: uniFLOW in the Healthcare Sector

Two new case studies highlight customers within the healthcare sector, each confronted with an interesting challenge which has been solved with uniFLOW. 

Stichting Prisma

Stichting Prisma provides care and support for people with learning difficulties. As a welcoming and modern organization, Stichting Prisma has a deep understanding of its clients’ requirements and appreciation for its employees and volunteers.

Integrating an existing Google Environment with uniFLOW

Analysis of Stichting Prisma’s print and scan management environment confirmed it was best to integrate the existing Google environment with uniFLOW as this software was already familiar to users, all of whom already had their own Google ID. Stichting Prisma also has a Google Cloud Printer. The new solution had to be convenient for users without any requirement for special connections other than the internet.

Stichting Prisma (Netherlands, EN)
Stichting Prisma (Netherlands, NL)

Fachklinik Bad Bentheim

The Fachklinik Bad Bentheim, a state-endorsed thermal brine and sulfur spa, helps to rejuvenate and restore thousands of patients each year. In partnership with referring hospitals, doctors, health insurances and professional associations the spa guarantees a qualified post-operative treatment and tailor-made rehabilitation concept.

Decision in favor of a stable and efficient Solution

The mixed fleet of over 120 Kyocera desktop printers, of various models, caused many driver incompatibilities and was unreliable. These problems affected all departments and caused many of Fachklinink Bad Bentheim’s employees to be permanently dissatisfied. Although finances had been agreed with the previous supplier, Fachklinik Bad Bentheim recognized a stable and efficient solution was more important than a cheap purchase.

Download: Fachklinik Bad Bentheim (Germany, EN)

Other health sector case studies are available here. Distribution partners can find more examples on our Partner Site.

June 2018 | What's new?

uniFLOW 2018v5 strengthens Multi-Vendor

uniFLOW 2018v5 introduces several features which widen the product’s use cases. The uniFLOW multi-vendor approach is once again expanded by offering embedded device support for Brother as well as launching an additional uniFLOW Release Station model. By adding more options to work with cost centers business processes can be mapped and implemented more precisely.

Embedded Device Applet for Brother

The uniFLOW Embedded Applet for Brother provides a device-integrated solution that enables job release from a secure print queue. Managed by uniFLOW, Brother devices can be easily integrated within your print fleet.

Secure Printing

After submission all print jobs are stored in a user’s personal secure queue until they are ready to release them at the printer of choice. Any secure print jobs that have not been collected from the Brother device within a predefined time are automatically deleted rather than sitting in a printer output tray. This helps improving the employee’s productivity while increasing business security.

Cost Savings, Accounting and Reporting

uniFLOW offers customers to choose spool file accounting as well as session-based accounting. The collected accounting information can be used to charge back costs to departments or to create new, more efficient rules and routing workflows that will decrease and optimize printing within the organization.

The embedded applet for Brother is currently available in Europe only.

uniFLOW Release Station PLUS-2 V2

An additional Release Station model, the uniFLOW Release Station PLUS-2V2, further improves the uniFLOW multi-vendor offering. By supporting HID iCLASS ® ID technology the embedded card reader (MiCard PLUS-2 V2) can meet higher security requirements in terms of device access. Furthermore, it can be configured to read four different card types at the same time.

For 125 KHz frequency range the uniFLOW Release Station PLUS-2 V2 supports common technologies such as HID® Prox, Indala®, Hitag and CASI-RUSCO®. For a range of 13.56 MHz it can identify serial numbers from cards using MIFARE® or LEGIC Advant. Its ability to read HID iCLASS® ID (including Seos®) renders the uniFLOW Release Station PLUS-2 V2 an advanced solution in security terms.

Simultaneous Card Reading

The uniFLOW Release Station PLUS-2 V2 can be configured to read four different cards simultaneously, regardless of technology and frequency. Organizations with more than one technology can provide all users with access to devices without needing to distribute multiple cards or attach RFID stickers to existing cards.

Working with Cost Centers

uniFLOW 2018v5 introduces new ways of working with cost centers. This provides additional flexibility in fulfilling individual customer requirements. In addition, new configuration options optimize usability for users and business processes.

Disable ‘Auto Select Cost Center’

The configuration option to disable ‘Auto Select Cost Center’ with logging in at the device, forces users to select a valid and desired cost center before using the device. This feature limits accounting errors caused by just ‘accepting’ a prompted cost center from the top of the list.

Enable/Disable Cost Center Pre-Population

An option has been added to enable or disable the pre-population of cost centers at the device. Only when the user starts typing the cost center or description the cost centers will auto-populate. This will prevent a possible miss-selection by the end-user that eventually would lead to accounting errors.

Improved Cost Center Search of uniFLOW User Web

The cost center search of the uniFLOW User Web has been adapted, offering search boxes for name and description of cost centers. In addition, type-ahead search reduces time spent with searching for the required cost center.

Canon imagePROGRAF TX Support in uniFLOW

uniFLOW supports a wide range of wide format devices. The portfolio is now being expanded by also offering DIF-files for Canon`s imagePROGRAF TX series:

  • Canon imagePROGRAF TX-2000
  • Canon imagePROGRAF TX-3000
  • Canon imagePROGRAF TX-4000

Canon imageFORMULA Desktop Scanner

New DIF files are available for additional Canon imageFORMULA Scanners:

  • Canon imageFORMULA Desktop Scanner DR-C230
  • Canon imageFORMULA Desktop Scanner DR-M260

May 2018 | What's new?

GDPR challenges the Print and Scan Environment

As GDPR is about to come into force print and scan environments must confront challenges - sensitive data is available in both digital and paper form. These forms of communication are second nature so the fact that an unsecured print and scan environment can present just as much a security risk as an unsecured computer is often overlooked. GDPR is about increased security, but it is also about increased rights for individuals and the implementation of new processes. Organizations and their designated data controllers are responsible for ensuring GDPR compliancy. uniFLOW offers features and tools to help the data controller perform this task within the print and scan environment.

Identify potential Risk Areas

Personal data is raised, transferred, processed and stored in many locations within an organization and identification of all business practices involving personal data can become a Sisyphean task. When looking at the print and scan environment, potential risk areas include the following processes:

  • Network communication
  • Control of access to devices and specific features
  • Print job security
  • Scan processes
  • Possibility to audit device activity

What is covered with uniFLOW?

uniFLOW has been built to incorporate data protection by design and by default. To ensure print jobs are not intercepted, uniFLOW encrypts them using AES-256 bit encryption. Administrators have ample means by which to control access to devices and specific features. Print jobs remain secure and are only released following an easy, convenient authentication process at the device. uniFLOW scan processes can produce encrypted PDFs with optional password-protection. High levels of security can be put in place for mobile print jobs. When guest printing is enabled there is no need for guests to have access to the organizational network, because guests print jobs are sent via external job submission pathways. uniFLOW allows administrators to audit device activity and there are features which can help to accelerate detection of data breaches caused by human error.

The features mentioned above actually only cover the surface of existing security measures. Suffice to say uniFLOW provides far-reaching security measures which have already been proven in practice over 20 years of experience in the managed print output industry.

How is uniFLOW able to help address new Rights?

Although an organization’s security analysis of the print and scan environment may have already concluded satisfactorily, GDPR brings new challenges. GDPR significantly increases the rights of individuals which go beyond simply ensuring security measures are put in place. For organizations this means increased documentation and administration. uniFLOW offers tools which address the requirements to cover the rights of individuals, help data controllers to comply with GDPR and reduce manual administration.

Right of Access by the Data Subject
What it means: The right of access means an administrator is obliged to provide information regardless of whether personal data about the person requesting it is stored or not. If data is stored, a copy of the personal data must be provided upon request.
How uniFLOW can help: uniFLOW helps administrators to comply with this regulation by summarizing all personal data stored about an individual via an automated process. This can be provided to the data subject in digital or printed format.

Right to rectification
What it means: Under GDPR individuals have the right to request that inaccurate personal data is corrected.
How uniFLOW can help: In this instance nothing changed in uniFLOW; administrators continue to be able to simply edit inaccurate user data.

Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’)
What it means: GDPR grants individuals the right to request that their personal data is erased which must be complied with straight away. There are however some exemptions.
How uniFLOW can help: Administrators can initiate the erasure process to delete all personal data stored about a user. After deleting, a document confirming successful erasure is created. However if this right alters statistics or information which is essential for an organization’s correct accounting, there is an exemption which allows certain information required for statistical purposes to be retained. That is why uniFLOW offers an intelligent solution for statistical data within the software. Data which is essential for auditing purposes - e.g. individual print volumes - can be retained but any related user data must be pseudonymized in order to comply with the right to be forgotten.

Right to data portability
What it means: Under GDPR individuals have the right to receive and transmit his or her personal data to another controller.
How uniFLOW can help: There are not many scenarios where this is relevant but there could always be the one person asking for it. uniFLOW provides administrators with an appropriate tool. The document which is created when an individual seeks to enforce his or her right is machine readable, commonly used and portable so it does meet the technical requirements placed on the right to data portability.

For more information, please also have a look on our GDPR brochure in which we have outlined important GDPR regulations and how uniFLOW can help to address them.

April 2018 | What's new?

What GDPR is all about

GDPR has been a hot topic lately that still causes uncertainties and constantly raises new questions. The latest uniFLOW release - uniFLOW 2018v4 - included new GDPR related features to assist with GDPR compliance. This article provides background information about GDPR.

What is GDPR?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It comes into force on May, 25th 2018. The regulation covers the way EU citizens’ personal data is processed. GDPR enhances the rights of data subjects and places new obligations on organizations who process personal data, including employees’ data.

The Data Subject gains additional Rights

The ‘data subject’ is a natural person who can be identified from the personal data. The term ‘personal data’ is not limited to direct references but includes indirect references e.g. the staff number or email address which can be used or combined to draw conclusions as to the identity of the data subject. GDPR extends the rights of data subjects and gives them more control over their data. This is done by giving data subjects the right to access any data that is stored about them and the right to rectify inaccurate personal data. The ‘right to erasure’, also known as ‘right to be forgotten’, empowers data subjects to obtain the erasure of personal data stored about him or her under certain conditions. GDPR also comprises a new right to data portability, by which a data subject shall receive their personal data in a structured, commonly used machine readable format.

Increased Duties for Organizations worldwide

Many organizations have not previously realized they are affected by GDPR so have not attached much value to it. GDPR is an EU regulation but it also affects organizations worldwide if they store, process or distribute personal data which refers or alludes to EU citizens.

GDPR refers to organizations as ‘the controller’. The controller’s duty is to respect the rights of the data subject and to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure personal data is processed in accordance with the regulation. The regulation also provides instructions about the steps to be taken if a data breach has been detected. The organization can process the data or engage another party – ‘the processor’ - to do so.

Can a single Software Package do it all?

In short, the answer is no. GDPR is not limited to one type of process, it is about security procedures and the management of risk. Human error is amongst the top causes for data breaches so preventative measures should not stop with the acquisition of software which includes helpful GDPR related features. Employees need to be educated to be made aware of the risks and what steps will avoid these risks. A constantly evolving and thorough concept which respects all business processes and ensures the risk of data breaches is minimized should be cultivated.

Six Reasons to act now

  1. Data protection is not a brand new topic
    Once GDPR comes into force it will replace the current European Union Data Protection Directive 95/46EG and the United Kingdom’s Data Protection Act 1998. There are also many more data protection laws across the globe which will increasingly focus on individuals’ rights.  In reality, organizations should have made data protection a priority topic many years ago.
  2. Have your data management future proofed
    It is often the case that organizational processes have not kept up with a significant increase in the volume of data held. GDPR is another reason to replace outdated methods to ensure organizations are ready for the future.
  3. GDPR is a complex and long term subject
    Putting measures into place cannot be carried out overnight. In order to comply with GDPR organizations will need to implement new working practices and task data protection officers to educate their workforce.
  4. Data protection enhances reputation
    Organizations who can demonstrate that personal data is treated securely will enhance their reputation which could open up new business opportunities.
  5. Avoid negative headlines
    If data protection standards are enforced, the risk of data breaches is reduced to a minimum which will avoid negative headlines.
  6. Penalties are high
    If the first five reasons do not convince you then be aware the penalties for data breaches are severe. Administrative fines for non-compliance can be up to 4% of an organization’s total worldwide annual turnover or € 20 Million, whichever is the greater. Data subjects can also claim compensation.

March 2018 | What's new?

Case Studies: uniFLOW in the Education Sector

Our case studies offer prospective customers an insight as to how uniFLOW works in different environments. uniFLOW implementations can be small and simple installations or highly complex and tailored solutions all delivering clear benefits. The education sector often has particular requirements such as facilitating student printing for a fee whilst keeping maintenance to a minimum. The case studies below illustrate how a wide range of requirements have been addressed with uniFLOW.

Hanze University of Applied Sciences - Education

Hanze University of Applied Sciences has provided professional higher education and practice-oriented research for over two decades. Today it offers more than 70 degree programs and approximately 28,450 students study and 3,280 employees work at Hanze.

Improved Management and Payment Handling

The University had a wide range of 500 printing and copying devices from various suppliers. “We wanted to reduce the number of devices. As Chipknip - a payment solution in the Netherlands - was being phased out a new payment system was required. Our goal was better management and lower costs by removing everything externally” says Gonda Huitema, Service Manager.

Case Study

Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands, EN)

Lycée Agricole de l’Oise – Education

The Lycée Agricole de l’Oise is located in northern France. Its mission is to prepare students for careers in agriculture at different levels. Various fields are covered including food production, bio production, bio refinery for non-food purposes, cattle and horse breeding.

Merge multi-branded Devices and enable unified Access

The Lycée already owned 2 Samsung B&W MFDs and 1 Canon color MFD which were independent of central access and rights management so monitoring costs was not easy. The separation between users and devices meant time wasted and security risks. In addition, a variety of different printers were in use. The Lycée wanted to merge the devices with a simple and secure alternative.

Case Study

Lycée Agricole de l’Oise (France, EN)

Lycée Agricole de l’Oise (France, FR)

Other education sector case studies are available here. Distribution partners can find more examples on our Partner Site.

March 2018 | What's new?

BLI Reports rate uniFLOW 2018 LTS with an above-average Assessment

In January 2018, BLI published two reports about uniFLOW 2018 LTS. The primary report discusses how the software supports the output management needs of front offices and the second report focusses on its advanced production printing features. Both reports conclude with an above-average positive assessment of the product.

uniFLOW 2018 LTS as an Office Printing Solution

BLI identified a number of key benefits which help organizations to optimize their print processes and management:

One Platform does it all

uniFLOW is a modular solution which addresses all front office needs comprehensively and which can be tailored to any size of organization. The feature set incorporates a wide range of functions including accounting, cost recovery, print management, secure and mobile printing, print job routing, advanced scan workflows, device management and print room management. Consequently, organizations do not have to purchase and maintain separate applications or servers.

Broad Device Support

uniFLOW is compatible with the full range of Canon devices from imageCLASS printers to image RUNNER ADVANCE MFPs. Furthermore, many of uniFLOW’s key functionalities are supported on Konica Minolta, Samsung, Xerox, Hewlett-Packard and OKI devices as well.

Enhanced Document Security

uniFLOW offers a wide range of secure print functions which prevent unauthorized use of devices and enhance document security while maintaining end-user convenience. The optional uniFLOW iW SAM Express module helps to safeguard an organization’s intelligence and intellectual property.

Minimize Print Costs

Customized rules-based printing workflows can be implemented to limit users’ printing volumes, enforce the use of a specific set of options for printing or send a print job to more cost-effective devices on the network. The reporting functionality means administrators can keep track of printing expenses.

Minimize Environmental Impact

uniFLOW’s pull-printing features, reporting system and print policies help to reduce unnecessary printing and waste as well as paper and toner use.

In general BLI recognizes uniFLOW 2018 LTS’ strengths and states the software responds excellently to printing and scanning requirements of front offices.

View Report

uniFLOW 2018 LTS as a Production Print Solution

BLI also recommends uniFLOW 2018 LTS to increase productivity and efficiency of small- to mid-size corporate reprographic departments. The reports highlight the production print features link nicely with other features of the software. During tests of various functionalities including job ticketing, document ‘make-ready’ and job management the following key benefits were identified:

One Platform does it all

uniFLOW’s production printing with numerous functions such as job scheduling, document preparation, job submission or pricing is an ideal accompaniment to its office printing and scanning features.

Increased Print Room Efficiency and Flexibility

According to the report, the Operator Dashboard and PrePrint are user-friendly utilities which allow operators to manage their workload efficiently, plan printing processes and prepare documents quickly for printing.

Ensure Accurate Accounting

By allowing the creation of multiple price profiles, and differentiation between retail and actual-cost prices, costs can be tracked accurately even down to page-level.

Compatible with Production Print Devices

Compatibility with production print devices and integration with Océ PRISMAdirect workflow application ensure seamless workflows across an organization.

View Report

February 2018 | What's new?

uniFLOW 2018v4 focusses on GDPR Requirements

During the last few months the topic of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been very prominent due to its enforcement coming soon at us. Also for uniFLOW this topic is important as customer’s process user data by using uniFLOW. Therefore, uniFLOW 2018v4 focusses on providing companies the right feature set to comply with the requirements of GDPR. The new GDPR regulations do affect companies across the globe even though it is a European legislation as it also addresses the export of personal data outside the European Union.

uniFLOW 2018v4 Key Features:

  • Enabling companies to fulfil user rights in respect of their personal data
  • Introducing additional ACL configuration options

Data Security Challenges for Print and Scan Environments

GDPR (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) is a regulation by which the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission intend to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union (EU). It also addresses the export of personal data outside the European Union. The regulation becomes enforceable from 25 May 2018 after a two-year transition period.
uniFLOW already offers a thorough concept to minimize the risk of data leakage and to comply with laws on the protection of personal data. When a user is registered, minimal information is requested to avoid storing and disclosing non-relevant personal data.

Two additional features have been developed to help companies fulfil user rights in respect of their personal data.

  • The users’ "right to be forgotten" which allows any data that is stored about users to be deleted.
  • The users’ "right to access" which allows viewing any data that is stored about users.

The integration of these features in uniFLOW enables companies to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation also in respect to their print and scan management infrastructure.

Extending the options for ACL configurations

In addition to further improving GDPR compliance a small but powerful feature has been implemented in the V4 release. The available ACLs have been extended in their configuration capabilities such that also printers can be added as ACEs (Access Control Entries) as already possible with users or groups. This addition allows further complex allowance scenarios, involving print as well as scan workflows per printer. By adding printers to the possible entries for ACL´s it becomes possible to restrict or enable special workflows on specific devices. The availability of a workflow could for example be restricted to printers in the board room or devices dedicated to the upper management. Another use case could be that a scan workflow 'Scan To Print Room' should not be shown on devices attached to a specific server (e.g. an RPS) or should not be available at specific sites.
This small feature provides for additional flexibility in designing highly customized workflows, expanding control over where and to whom business processes become available.

Continuous Improvement of the uniFLOW One Platform Solution

All core functionalities of uniFLOW as a ‘’One Platform’’ solution are continuously being improved. In addition to the mentioned topics many smaller issues were addressed and optimized.

February 2018 | What's new?

New OKI Device Applet v1.1

The uniFLOW multi-vendor strategy evolves with the launch of this new version of the OKI device applet. By adding several essential features such as locking the device and native ‘Scan to Myself’, the new version leverages the applet to be in line with the existing applet portfolio.

OKI Device Applet v1.1 Key Features:

  • Device locking
  • Copy accounting
  • Native ‘Scan to Myself’ support
  • Extended OKI device support

Device Locking

Locking multifunctional devices in the office environment enhances the general security strategy of a company. Only authorized employees gain access to the device functionality, while visitors and 3rd parties are prevented from misusing the device.

Copy Accounting

By controlling device access it becomes possible to account and allocate the copying activities performed on these devices. This provides companies with a better insight into the use of their devices and enables them to charge back costs to departments or projects.

Native Scanning

Scanning documents is an important part of employees’ daily work. Users can easily scan and send documents to themselves with only a few clicks after logging on at the device. Within seconds the scans become available at a user’s desk for further editing or distribution.

Device Support

In addition to expanding the applet feature set also additional device support is added. The applet now supports all current models based on the OKI Smart Extendable Platform version 1 and 2. To get a better idea about uniFLOW, its features and benefits, visit our website or have a look at our YouTube channel.

November 2017 | What´s new?

uniFLOW 2018v3 introduces Delegation Printing

With this release, scanning usability and the configuration of scan workflows is considerably improved, helping users as well as administrators in their daily business processes. Powerful new scan features such as watermarking show the constant evolvement of the product‘s scanning proposition. To reflect market developments, uniFLOW 2018v3 also comes with improvements in the area of secure printing by introducing delegation printing and ‘’Eco Stapling’’. uniFLOW also keeps addressing structural changes in the business world: As organizations start using Microsoft Azure Active Directory (MAAD) instead of local solutions, uniFLOW now uses Microsoft´s LDAPS Service to directly access the Microsoft Azure Active Directory data.

uniFLOW 2018v3 Key Features:

  • LDAPS connectivity to Azure Active Directory Domain Services
  • Delegation printing
  • Eco stapling for the uniFLOW Universal Driver
  • Océ PlotWave/ ColorWave spool file accounting and budgeting
  • Powerful scanning improvements with scan watermarking
  • Subsequent scan workflows

Enhancing the general Product Architecture

LDAPS Connectivity to Azure Active Directory Domain Services
With the adoption of new cloud services such as Office 365™, many businesses turn away from in-house solutions for active directories and opt to use Microsoft Azure Active Directory (MAAD). To enable solutions like uniFLOW to use MAAD, Microsoft introduced an LDAPS service. Via this service uniFLOW can now directly access the MAAD data to synchronize users and groups as well as authenticate users against the Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Strengthening Secure Printing

Delegation Printing
uniFLOW 2018v3 introduces the first step of offering delegation printing to users. In most instances print workflows are ’single user’ workflows. Additionally, in daily business life as well as in the education market, the delegation of print jobs to other users or groups is required. In the past the “group master” functionality already offered to view and manage print jobs of other users. The first phase of implementation will allow delegators to share all their print jobs with selected users or groups. This is configurable on an administrator or user level. Automatic email notifications inform the recipient when being added or removed as a delegate. Upon a job release, an email for the delegator can be triggered.

Océ PlotWave/ ColorWave Spool File Accounting
uniFLOW 2018v3 incorporates spool file accounting for Océ PlotWave and Océ ColorWave devices, which allows for a price calculation before print job release to check if enough funds are available on the printing account. This can be especially useful in school and university environments. Spool files are analyzed by the Océ Windows® Printer Driver 2 and Océ PostScript driver. This new feature enables the display of more job information in the secure print queue on the device user interface, like showing the size of a job, whether it is in color, and what the price will be.

Eco Stapling for the uniFLOW Universal Driver
Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Gen3 devices support a new function, called “Eco-Staple”. This function enables to fold a maximum of 5 sheets together without using a 'real' staple. This option has now been implemented in uniFLOW 2018v3 by adding it to the uniFLOW Universal Driver.

Powerful Scanning Improvements

Flexible Layout of Scan Workflow Buttons
With uniFLOW 2018v3 it becomes possible to specify how many buttons can be displayed per scan device screen. In addition to the known defaults, it is possible to configure up to 12 scan workflow buttons on the scan device screen or uniFLOW Scan Client via the “Show Scan Workflow’’ Workflow Element. Apart from displaying more workflow buttons to the user, the order of the scan workflow buttons can be (re)arranged by the administrator, either alphabetically or via an additional index parameter. The index does not have to be uniform for all devices. In case an index is used multiple times the workflow name is used as secondary ordering.

Subsequent Scan Workflows
By offering the possibility to repeat scan workflows, uniFLOW 2018v3 further minimizes the time a user spends at the scan device and increases the efficiency of scan processes. This was developed for two use cases: 1. Scan an additional document to the same destination while retaining the previously entered meta data. 2. Send a scanned document with the previously captured meta data to an additional destination without the need to rescan the original.

Scan Watermarking and Bates Stamping
uniFLOW 2018v3 incorporates scan watermarking (including bates stamping) for improved business security. Scan watermarks are fixed to a document which cannot be changed by anyone who opens and processes the watermarked document. Watermarks may be used to prove the authenticity of the document. Scan watermarks can be fixed text e.g. confidential, copyrights, customer name, variable data utilizing the uniFLOW tokens and variables e.g. user name, time and date, printer management fields, job ID, etc. or free text created directly at the scan device or Bates stamp. Bates stamping - also known as bates numbering, bates branding, bates coding or bates labeling - is a type of watermark used in the legal and medical fields to provide automatic consecutive numbering of scanned images. The supported watermark options include:

  • Location on the page
  • Font type, font size, font color
  • Background color
  • Rotation
  • Transparency

OAuth support for Dropbox
In response to the latest technological advancements, Dropbox now requires OAuth 2.0 user authentication for all of its external applications. uniFLOW 2018v3 includes a Dropbox connector, to replace the existing one, based on our unified CSI technology and the functionality is implemented in the “Scan to Dropbox” wizard. This ensures better secure identity management and continued support for Dropbox.

Device Support for additional Canon imageFORMULA DR Desktop Scanner
uniFLOW 2018 LTS introduced the uniFLOW Desktop Scan Client, which makes it possible to integrate USB connected Canon imageFORMULA desktop scanners with uniFLOW. To coincide with the release of uniFLOW 2018v3 a DIF file is released for Canon imageFORMULA DR-9080C desktop scanners.

Continuous Improvement of the uniFLOW One Platform Solution

All core functionalities of uniFLOW as a ‘’One Platform’’ solution are continuously being improved. In addition to the mentioned topics smaller enhancements were made. By rearranging the “Remove Blank Pages” workflow element, the actual processing is pushed into the background, enabling users to continue with their tasks much quicker. Streamlining the “Scan to Cloud” wizards to list only possible identity types for the respective service during the configuration makes the selection for the administrator much easier and reduces possible errors.

September 2017 | What´s new?

uniFLOW 2018v2 enhances its Scanning Capabilities

uniFLOW 2018v2 is focusing on enhancing its scanning capabilities with improvements in scan usability and identity management. At the same time secure printing in CRQM environments is now easier to utilize.

uniFLOW 2018v2 Key Features:

  • Type-ahead keyboard
  • OAuth support for Microsoft SharePoint® and OneDrive® for Business
  • Identity Management at the scan device
  • Device support for additional Canon imageFORMULA DR Desktop Scanner
  • Retaining print job order in a CRQM environment

Enhancing Scanning Usability

Type-Ahead Keyboard for imageRUNNER ADVANCE
By removing the need to type the full cost center or recipient’s email address, the scan process is simplified and quicker for users. The new features supporting the type-ahead Keyboard are

  • Cost center selection
  • Email recipient selection
  • CSI scan workflows  for, currently, Microsoft SharePoint®, Microsoft SharePoint® Online, Therefore™ and Microsoft OneDrive® for Business

The setting value for the search can be configured by the administrator.

OAuth Support to Microsoft SharePoint®/OneDrive® for Business CSI Connector
In response to the high customer demand, uniFLOW 2018v2 OAuth authentication is now available for the Microsoft SharePoint® and OneDrive® for Business CSI connector. This new feature has been added to the “Scan to SharePoint Online” and “Scan to OneDrive” wizards. Customers benefit from increased identity management options and easier setup of identities.

Identity Management at the Scan Device
With uniFLOW advance scanning the ability to enter a username and password at the device has been further improved. uniFLOW 2018v2 allows users to create new identity types under the “Login” and “Email” lists directly at the scan device. The new identity is validated against the external system in order to login and connect the user to the applicable service. With this step the user has created new credentials in uniFLOW to access the target system rather than having to use the uniFLOW User Web. This saves time and increases flexibility.

The “Get Authentication”-workflow element has been improved to ensure users can create new identities. “Scan to SharePoint Online” and “Scan to Therefore” also support this new feature.

Device Support for additional Canon imageFORMULA DR Desktop Scanner
uniFLOW 2018 LTS introduced the uniFLOW Desktop Scan Client, integrating the USB connected Canon imageFORMULA desktop scanners with the uniFLOW One Platform.
To coincide with the release of uniFLOW 2018v2 DIF files are released for following devices:

  • Canon imageFORMULA DR-G1130
  • Canon imageFORMULA DR-6010C
  • Canon imageFORMULA DR-X10C
  • Canon imageFORMULA DR-9080C

Secure Printing Power

Retaining Print Job Order in a CRQM Environment
Retaining the print job order, when releasing all submitted documents, can be important for users. In a CRQM environment a user’s print jobs can exist on multiple servers. Previously, in case the user selected all of their current print jobs for release simultaneously it was unlikely that they would be printed in the same order that they were submitted.

Enhancing the CRQM configuration in uniFLOW 2018v2 to retain a job order list means the job order can be adhered to even if jobs exist on multiple servers. It simply needs to be enabled in the general settings (Secure Print / Release Queue).

Continuous Improvement of the uniFLOW One Platform

Continuous improvements across the uniFLOW One Platform are being made to enhance its core functionalities. With this release the usability for the end user has been the strong focus. Especially the scan usability has been improved to strengthen its position of being a sophisticated document imaging solution. In addition to the mentioned topics smaller enhancements were made. New PDF versions and conformance levels have been added, addressing the growing market demand for different PDF file formats, defining a minimum length for barcodes or the delivery of unzipped JPG files.

To get a better idea about uniFLOW, its features and benefits, visit our website or have a look our YouTube Channel.

Type-Ahead Keyboard
OAuth Support
Identity Management at the Scan Device
Canon imageFORMULA DR-G1130

July 2017 | What´s new?

New Product Launch: uniFLOW 2018 LTS

uniFLOW 2018 LTS has a large selection of enhancements focusing on resilience, reporting and the end users’ web client uniFLOW User Web. In addition the “One Platform” has been upgraded to support Canon imageFORMULA Desktop Scanners which are connected via USB. Users can easily scan documents, using the same workflows as with any other scan device, with a separate desktop application - the uniFLOW Desktop Scan Client.

Features and Benefits

Improved Resilience
A resilient print infrastructure has always been important particularly for larger organizations. uniFLOW already offers resilience features in combination with additional hardware infrastructure e.g. server backups, high availability clusters and load balancing servers. These incur higher implementation costs however as well as complex network configurations and they rely on third party software. None of these measures guarantee uninterrupted printing processes.

Analysis undertaken during customer implementations and management of projects has brought about a redesign of the uniFLOW resilience setup. The new structural setup of the uniFLOW resilience features is based on three pillars: automatic MEAP device failover, redundant spool file storage and intelligent print job distribution. This concept covers the overall print process to avoid losing any print jobs. Creating an end-to-end resilience strategy is now possible within the product itself which is no longer reliant on external resources and technologies. This provides a cost effective solution which is simpler to implement and manage.

Stronger Reporting Capabilities
uniFLOW can generate a large number of standard reports which can either run on demand or be based on scheduled tasks. The collected data is presented in different formats so the customer will have all the necessary information regarding the print fleet. Today’s expectations are high so it is vital to provide data quickly in a lean and modern format which is easy to analyze. For this reason reports in uniFLOW have been completely redesigned, so they run much faster, and the design has been completely modernized. uniFLOW 2018 LTS is also offering the option for applications such as QLIK Sense® and Microsoft Power BI™ to access the SQL database directly. Customers, with business intelligence systems already implemented into their businesses processes, will benefit by incorporating the data into their existing printing infrastructure.

New Look and Feel for uniFLOW Client
The uniFLOW User Web - the uniFLOW end user interface - has been overhauled. Key objective is offering a much more intuitive, cleaner user interface and new functions. It enables pop-up notifications from the uniFLOW server e.g. cost center selection or rerouting options. Small toast messages give direct feedback to confirm actions have been successful. Help pages are available with just one click to direct users straight to the relevant information. These features increase user satisfaction with the printing process and help to improve business processes. After authentication the user can check how much budget is available, personal secure print job queues and the authorization status of pending jobs. Users are also able to manage their own registered identity types - such as PIN code and TIC code - saving the administrator time and effort.

Canon imageFORMULA Desktop Scanner Support
By supporting USB connected Canon imageFORMULA desktop scanners a holistic scan solution can be offered to organizations. Integration of these scanners into the uniFLOW One Platform closes a small gap with major impact. It enables organizations to implement a complete scan solution, offering users the same scan workflows, options and usability whichever device is available.
Desktop scanners take up very little desk space, making it ideal for use in personal, workgroup and departmental scan environments. Powered by uniFLOW, they provide a powerful document imaging platform capable of delivering business-critical documents quickly direct to back-end systems. With a Windows® desktop client application - the uniFLOW Desktop Scan Client - uniFLOW scan workflows are available to end users. The uniFLOW scan workflows ensure all business rules and meta data requirements are met. Thanks to Windows® authentication a separate logon is not required. In departmental setups with shared PCs various logon options are available e.g. PIN code, user credentials or via an attached card reader.

Continuous Improvements to empower Customer Business Processes
These new features and improvements demonstrate how uniFLOW continues to keep up with business requirements; expanding its One Platform approach and enhancing its core functionalities to improve product integrity and user satisfaction. Many minor areas have also been addressed with this latest uniFLOW release. A separate MEAP scan button and the introduction of a new method to handle TIFF files in uniFLOW, resulting in file processing up to 20x faster, and support for the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO Series, by adding IVEC support to uniFLOW, are all helping uniFLOW customers in their daily business processes and saving valuable time and costs.

August 2016 | What´s new?
uniFLOW, Embedded Applet, OKI

uniFLOW Embedded Applet for OKI launched

The uniFLOW Embedded Applet for OKI provides a device-integrated solution enabling job release, from a secure print queue, and print accounting for OKI devices.

With the launch of the uniFLOW Embedded Applet for OKI, the uniFLOW multi-vendor device option is further enhanced. In addition to Canon, Samsung, Xerox and Konica Minolta devices, users can now print and release documents on OKI devices in a secure and managed way.

uniFLOW Universal Driver – One Driver for All

Managed by uniFLOW, OKI devices can be easily integrated into your print fleet. It means users can print using just a single driver for the entire fleet; all print jobs will follow users from device to device irrespective of the make or model. As costs can be tracked accurately by uniFLOW, internal costs can be charged back correctly by the Finance Department and current usage audited.

Personal Secure Print Queue

With the uniFLOW Embedded Applet for OKI, users can authenticate at a device using a PIN code, card login or username/password. Upon authentication, users can view a list of their print jobs that have been stored on the uniFLOW server. They can opt to release or retain print jobs or simply delete them from the queue.

Cost Center Selection

Easy selection of single-level or multi-level cost centers at the device ensures correct allocation of printing costs. Users simply select the cost center for their department or a specific project on the device screen before printing.

Key Features & Benefits of the uniFLOW Embedded Applet for OKI:

  • Various ways of print job submission
  • Device integrated secure printing
  • Print accounting
  • Multi-level cost center selection

Watch our new OKI integration video on YouTube!

July 2016 | What´s new?
AirPrint, Apple, Secure Printing, uniFLOW

uniFLOW Service for AirPrint® certified by Apple

NT-ware today announces the certification by Apple of the uniFLOW Service for AirPrint that provides secure print services for iPad®, iPhone® and Mac® users.

Over the years, uniFLOW has evolved to become the market-leading print and scan management product, offering a wide variety of features including secure printing, mobile printing, secure workflow-based scanning, job routing, usage accounting and print room management. uniFLOW pioneered enterprise-level printing from mobile devices with email and app-based job submission features.

Secure Print Services for iPad® and iPhone®

The uniFLOW Service for AirPrint provides a simplified, app-free print job submission, user identification and job accounting experience for iPad and iPhone users connected to the company network. Users can now print from any iPhone or iPad application using the built-in print menu.

On first use, users enter their normal credentials then all subsequent print jobs will be automatically routed to their uniFLOW Secure Print queue. As with all other output uniFLOW records AirPrint usage so you still have a clear view and can account for all costs across your printing fleet. 

Driverless Printing from Mac OS X® using AirPrint

Mac OS X users benefit from the easy, zero-configuration setup process by simply adding the uniFLOW Secure AirPrint queue displayed on printers and scanners. The built-in AirPrint driver is used to deliver instant print functionality including duplex, staple, hole-punch and paper sizes. This means that there is no requirement to install any drivers or client applications for direct printing, secure printing and accounting.

Developed according to Apple’s Specifications

NT-ware are part of the official Apple AirPrint licensing program and the uniFLOW Service for AirPrint has been developed according to Apple’s official specifications. This ensures that all the printing functionalities available from within iOS or Mac OS X are automatically supported within uniFLOW.

Tested and certified by Apple

Apple testing procedures have resulted in a uniFLOW AirPrint service that will function in the same way as any AirPrint certified printer or print server on the market. The uniFLOW AirPrint service has been extensively tested by Apple to guarantee its compliance with both the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) specification and MDNS/Bonjour service. A full list of all certified AirPrint servers and printers can be found on the Apple website.

Always iOS compliant

The  official Apple AirPrint certification ensures that, whenever the next version of Apple’s operating system - either iOS or Mac OS® - is released, it can be tested and any necessary changes implemented in uniFLOW before an updated version of Apple’s operating system is released to the market.

Key Features & Benefits of the uniFLOW Service for AirPrint:

  • App-free secure printing and job accounting for all iPad, iPhone and Mac devices integrated in your company network
  • Tested and certified by Apple
  • Always compliant to future iOS operating systems
  • Driverless Printing from Mac OS X using AirPrint

iPad, iPhone and Mac are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. AirPrint and the AirPrint logo are trademarks of Apple Inc.

May 20th 2016 | What´s new?

uniFLOW Online released

Secure Cloud Printing for Business: Today NT-ware announces its release of uniFLOW Online. This latest addition to the portfolio provides small and medium-sized businesses with a secure cloud print management solution designed to improve productivity and control print costs.

uniFLOW Online offers a secure, serverless output management platform which installs effective print management and cost controls for businesses without the need for on-site print servers.

Simple, serverless, secure

Cloud-based Infrastructure

uniFLOW Online has been developed from the ground-up to enhance the benefits of the Microsoft Azure™ cloud platform, providing superior enterprise platform security, scalability and resilience for small to medium sized businesses. With uniFLOW Online’s innovative technology there is no requirement for a local server. All system configuration and management takes place in the cloud and administrators are furnished with online reporting tools and dashboards. For normal print operations continuous connection to uniFLOW Online is not required.

Print Confidential Documents Securely

Secure management of documents, particularly in the cloud, is a key concern for today’s businesses. uniFLOW Online delivers secure printing for sensitive documents and print jobs are released from the printer with a PIN code or proximity card. Secure print jobs stay within the customer‘s local network, ensuring that documents are always safe. The close integration with Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices offers improved flexibility as print jobs follow users from device to device, enabling documents to be printed and finalized from any compatible multi-function device (MFD).  

Full Cost Control in the Cloud

Businesses intending to improve efficiency and maximize their IT investment can take control of print and copy costs using the uniFLOW Online reporting tools. Administrators can track their organization’s printing and copying costs to ensure that they are charged to the correct department. Central reporting on print fleet usage and performance can also help administrators identify areas where printing and copying costs can be reduced. The reporting features can also be used to address sustainability requirements by monitoring and analyzing the environmental impact of an organization’s print footprint.

Send Print Jobs from Anywhere

uniFLOW Online meets the demands of a modern business by providing a fluid mobile printing solution for employees, making it an ideal solution for today’s workforce. Regardless of location, users can use smartphones or tablets to print documents securely. All jobs submitted appear in a user’s secure print queue from where they can be printed, and afterwards accounted and charged for.

Leading Support for Office Solutions Partners

The introduction of a new SaaS business model has enabled office equipment and IT resellers, with limited in-house software experience or capacity, to provide customers with an effective and simple network print output management solution that complements Canon office hardware devices. uniFLOW Online enables Canon’s channel partners to offer even better value to customers, with the majority of account support activities  being performed remotely; the result is lower support costs and resource overheads.

Key Facts of uniFLOW Online

  • Local Print Jobs and Regional Data Centers: To ensure the safety of documents secure print jobs stay within the customer‘s local network. All data remains within the originating region; it is not routed via other legal jurisdictions.
  • Increase Document Security: By providing secure access to devices, uniFLOW Online ensures confidential documents do not fall into the wrong hands.
  • Increase Office Productivity: Increase employee productivity with the provision of mobile printing facilities where necessary.
  • Control and Reduce Printing and Copying Costs: With uniFLOW Online, administrators can track and assess print, copy, fax and scan usage and allocate costs direct to individual users or departments.

Find out more on www.uniflowonline.com!

Watch the uniFLOW Online video on YouTube!