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July 2017 | What´s new?

New Product Launch: uniFLOW 2018 LTS

uniFLOW 2018 LTS has a large selection of enhancements focusing on resilience, reporting and the end users’ web client uniFLOW User Web. In addition the “One Platform” has been upgraded to support Canon imageFORMULA Desktop Scanners which are connected via USB. Users can easily scan documents, using the same workflows as with any other scan device, with a separate desktop application - the uniFLOW Desktop Scan Client.

Features and Benefits

Improved Resilience
A resilient print infrastructure has always been important particularly for larger organizations. uniFLOW already offers resilience features in combination with additional hardware infrastructure e.g. server backups, high availability clusters and load balancing servers. These incur higher implementation costs however as well as complex network configurations and they rely on third party software. None of these measures guarantee uninterrupted printing processes.

Analysis undertaken during customer implementations and management of projects has brought about a redesign of the uniFLOW resilience setup. The new structural setup of the uniFLOW resilience features is based on three pillars: automatic MEAP device failover, redundant spool file storage and intelligent print job distribution. This concept covers the overall print process to avoid losing any print jobs. Creating an end-to-end resilience strategy is now possible within the product itself which is no longer reliant on external resources and technologies. This provides a cost effective solution which is simpler to implement and manage.

Stronger Reporting Capabilities
uniFLOW can generate a large number of standard reports which can either run on demand or be based on scheduled tasks. The collected data is presented in different formats so the customer will have all the necessary information regarding the print fleet. Today’s expectations are high so it is vital to provide data quickly in a lean and modern format which is easy to analyze. For this reason reports in uniFLOW have been completely redesigned, so they run much faster, and the design has been completely modernized. uniFLOW 2018 LTS is also offering the option for applications such as QLIK Sense® and Microsoft Power BI™ to access the SQL database directly. Customers, with business intelligence systems already implemented into their businesses processes, will benefit by incorporating the data into their existing printing infrastructure.

New Look and Feel for uniFLOW Client
The uniFLOW User Web - the uniFLOW end user interface - has been overhauled. Key objective is offering a much more intuitive, cleaner user interface and new functions. It enables pop-up notifications from the uniFLOW server e.g. cost center selection or rerouting options. Small toast messages give direct feedback to confirm actions have been successful. Help pages are available with just one click to direct users straight to the relevant information. These features increase user satisfaction with the printing process and help to improve business processes. After authentication the user can check how much budget is available, personal secure print job queues and the authorization status of pending jobs. Users are also able to manage their own registered identity types - such as PIN code and TIC code - saving the administrator time and effort.

Canon imageFORMULA Desktop Scanner Support
By supporting USB connected Canon imageFORMULA desktop scanners a holistic scan solution can be offered to organizations. Integration of these scanners into the uniFLOW One Platform closes a small gap with major impact. It enables organizations to implement a complete scan solution, offering users the same scan workflows, options and usability whichever device is available.
Desktop scanners take up very little desk space, making it ideal for use in personal, workgroup and departmental scan environments. Powered by uniFLOW, they provide a powerful document imaging platform capable of delivering business-critical documents quickly direct to back-end systems. With a Windows® desktop client application - the uniFLOW Desktop Scan Client - uniFLOW scan workflows are available to end users. The uniFLOW scan workflows ensure all business rules and meta data requirements are met. Thanks to Windows® authentication a separate logon is not required. In departmental setups with shared PCs various logon options are available e.g. PIN code, user credentials or via an attached card reader.

Continuous Improvements to empower Customer Business Processes
These new features and improvements demonstrate how uniFLOW continues to keep up with business requirements; expanding its One Platform approach and enhancing its core functionalities to improve product integrity and user satisfaction. Many minor areas have also been addressed with this latest uniFLOW release. A separate MEAP scan button and the introduction of a new method to handle TIFF files in uniFLOW, resulting in file processing up to 20x faster, and support for the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO Series, by adding IVEC support to uniFLOW, are all helping uniFLOW customers in their daily business processes and saving valuable time and costs.

August 2016 | What´s new?
uniFLOW, Embedded Applet, OKI

uniFLOW Embedded Applet for OKI launched

The uniFLOW Embedded Applet for OKI provides a device-integrated solution enabling job release, from a secure print queue, and print accounting for OKI devices.

With the launch of the uniFLOW Embedded Applet for OKI, the uniFLOW multi-vendor device option is further enhanced. In addition to Canon, Samsung, Xerox and Konica Minolta devices, users can now print and release documents on OKI devices in a secure and managed way.

uniFLOW Universal Driver – One Driver for All

Managed by uniFLOW, OKI devices can be easily integrated into your print fleet. It means users can print using just a single driver for the entire fleet; all print jobs will follow users from device to device irrespective of the make or model. As costs can be tracked accurately by uniFLOW, internal costs can be charged back correctly by the Finance Department and current usage audited.

Personal Secure Print Queue

With the uniFLOW Embedded Applet for OKI, users can authenticate at a device using a PIN code, card login or username/password. Upon authentication, users can view a list of their print jobs that have been stored on the uniFLOW server. They can opt to release or retain print jobs or simply delete them from the queue.

Cost Center Selection

Easy selection of single-level or multi-level cost centers at the device ensures correct allocation of printing costs. Users simply select the cost center for their department or a specific project on the device screen before printing.

Key Features & Benefits of the uniFLOW Embedded Applet for OKI:

  • Various ways of print job submission
  • Device integrated secure printing
  • Print accounting
  • Multi-level cost center selection

Watch our new OKI integration video on YouTube!

July 2016 | What´s new?
AirPrint, Apple, Secure Printing, uniFLOW

uniFLOW Service for AirPrint® certified by Apple

NT-ware today announces the certification by Apple of the uniFLOW Service for AirPrint that provides secure print services for iPad®, iPhone® and Mac® users.

Over the years, uniFLOW has evolved to become the market-leading print and scan management product, offering a wide variety of features including secure printing, mobile printing, secure workflow-based scanning, job routing, usage accounting and print room management. uniFLOW pioneered enterprise-level printing from mobile devices with email and app-based job submission features.

Secure Print Services for iPad® and iPhone®

The uniFLOW Service for AirPrint provides a simplified, app-free print job submission, user identification and job accounting experience for iPad and iPhone users connected to the company network. Users can now print from any iPhone or iPad application using the built-in print menu.

On first use, users enter their normal credentials then all subsequent print jobs will be automatically routed to their uniFLOW Secure Print queue. As with all other output uniFLOW records AirPrint usage so you still have a clear view and can account for all costs across your printing fleet. 

Driverless Printing from Mac OS X® using AirPrint

Mac OS X users benefit from the easy, zero-configuration setup process by simply adding the uniFLOW Secure AirPrint queue displayed on printers and scanners. The built-in AirPrint driver is used to deliver instant print functionality including duplex, staple, hole-punch and paper sizes. This means that there is no requirement to install any drivers or client applications for direct printing, secure printing and accounting.

Developed according to Apple’s Specifications

NT-ware are part of the official Apple AirPrint licensing program and the uniFLOW Service for AirPrint has been developed according to Apple’s official specifications. This ensures that all the printing functionalities available from within iOS or Mac OS X are automatically supported within uniFLOW.

Tested and certified by Apple

Apple testing procedures have resulted in a uniFLOW AirPrint service that will function in the same way as any AirPrint certified printer or print server on the market. The uniFLOW AirPrint service has been extensively tested by Apple to guarantee its compliance with both the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) specification and MDNS/Bonjour service. A full list of all certified AirPrint servers and printers can be found on the Apple website.

Always iOS compliant

The  official Apple AirPrint certification ensures that, whenever the next version of Apple’s operating system - either iOS or Mac OS® - is released, it can be tested and any necessary changes implemented in uniFLOW before an updated version of Apple’s operating system is released to the market.

Key Features & Benefits of the uniFLOW Service for AirPrint:

  • App-free secure printing and job accounting for all iPad, iPhone and Mac devices integrated in your company network
  • Tested and certified by Apple
  • Always compliant to future iOS operating systems
  • Driverless Printing from Mac OS X using AirPrint

iPad, iPhone and Mac are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. AirPrint and the AirPrint logo are trademarks of Apple Inc.

May 20th 2016 | What´s new?

uniFLOW Online released

Secure Cloud Printing for Business: Today NT-ware announces its release of uniFLOW Online. This latest addition to the portfolio provides small and medium-sized businesses with a secure cloud print management solution designed to improve productivity and control print costs.

uniFLOW Online offers a secure, serverless output management platform which installs effective print management and cost controls for businesses without the need for on-site print servers.

Simple, serverless, secure

Cloud-based Infrastructure

uniFLOW Online has been developed from the ground-up to enhance the benefits of the Microsoft Azure™ cloud platform, providing superior enterprise platform security, scalability and resilience for small to medium sized businesses. With uniFLOW Online’s innovative technology there is no requirement for a local server. All system configuration and management takes place in the cloud and administrators are furnished with online reporting tools and dashboards. For normal print operations continuous connection to uniFLOW Online is not required.

Print Confidential Documents Securely

Secure management of documents, particularly in the cloud, is a key concern for today’s businesses. uniFLOW Online delivers secure printing for sensitive documents and print jobs are released from the printer with a PIN code or proximity card. Secure print jobs stay within the customer‘s local network, ensuring that documents are always safe. The close integration with Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices offers improved flexibility as print jobs follow users from device to device, enabling documents to be printed and finalized from any compatible multi-function device (MFD).  

Full Cost Control in the Cloud

Businesses intending to improve efficiency and maximize their IT investment can take control of print and copy costs using the uniFLOW Online reporting tools. Administrators can track their organization’s printing and copying costs to ensure that they are charged to the correct department. Central reporting on print fleet usage and performance can also help administrators identify areas where printing and copying costs can be reduced. The reporting features can also be used to address sustainability requirements by monitoring and analyzing the environmental impact of an organization’s print footprint.

Send Print Jobs from Anywhere

uniFLOW Online meets the demands of a modern business by providing a fluid mobile printing solution for employees, making it an ideal solution for today’s workforce. Regardless of location, users can use smartphones or tablets to print documents securely. All jobs submitted appear in a user’s secure print queue from where they can be printed, and afterwards accounted and charged for.

Leading Support for Office Solutions Partners

The introduction of a new SaaS business model has enabled office equipment and IT resellers, with limited in-house software experience or capacity, to provide customers with an effective and simple network print output management solution that complements Canon office hardware devices. uniFLOW Online enables Canon’s channel partners to offer even better value to customers, with the majority of account support activities  being performed remotely; the result is lower support costs and resource overheads.

Key Facts of uniFLOW Online

  • Local Print Jobs and Regional Data Centers: To ensure the safety of documents secure print jobs stay within the customer‘s local network. All data remains within the originating region; it is not routed via other legal jurisdictions.
  • Increase Document Security: By providing secure access to devices, uniFLOW Online ensures confidential documents do not fall into the wrong hands.
  • Increase Office Productivity: Increase employee productivity with the provision of mobile printing facilities where necessary.
  • Control and Reduce Printing and Copying Costs: With uniFLOW Online, administrators can track and assess print, copy, fax and scan usage and allocate costs direct to individual users or departments.

Find out more on www.uniflowonline.com!

Watch the uniFLOW Online video on YouTube!